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Club email: Info@HighAndLonesomeClub.ca                  Every Sunday at 9:30pm is the famous "Sunday Night Jam" hosted by Big Dave McLean.                  Come on down!
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Doors open: 6pm on 7pm shows, 8pm on the 9-11pm shows and 8:30pm on 10pm shows unless otherwise indicated.
Tickets available at Ticketmaster for Folk Fest Presents shows.

Upcoming Early Shows

Fri, May 27 @ 7pm

Those Memories featuring Vanessa Kuzina, Keri Latimer and Jess Reimer
Thurs, June 2 @ 9pm

Sing Me Back Home: The Music of Merle Haggard
Thurs, June 7 @ 9pm

Poet-Songwriters Remember The Music of Guy Clark
Mon, Jun 20 @ 9-11pm

Sue Foley
Tues, Jun 28 @ 9-11pm

Johnson Crook


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