Talents You Wouldn't Think To Put On Your Resume

Housecoat Diaries

Which do you think is the more significant talent: being really good at finding things, or always being able to know almost exactly what time it is?

There are many obvious talents like singing and drawing and liquor tolerance, but there are also many talents that people probably wouldnít think to put on their resume, even though they really should do so.

I truly believe that any prospective employer would be thrilled to hire someone who is very good at being able to find things. Actually, I think that if you are a person who is really good at finding stuff that no one else seems to be able to notice, chances are you wonít be the employee, youíll be the boss. Being able to see what no one else can is the essence of imagination, and it is only through imagination that superb leadership is born.

The same thing, in many ways, is true about being always somehow able to know almost exactly what time it is. A talent like that says a great deal about your sense of focus, and your ability to put yourself into the present moment. And being able to trust your intuition allows you to be free of all kinds of limitations. Being very much in touch with time in this way is basically the essence of magic, which I will choose over money every time.

Crazy as it may sound, think of it this way: ďTime will get you through times without money better than money will get you through times without time.Ē Ultimately, your relationship with the impossible (you can also call it magic) - the things that canít be seen, the moments that are forever fleeting, and the ideas and riddles that the mind uses to try to find a way into these things - is your greatest talent, to whatever degree you may have it. Everyone has these things a little bit, and they are all very practicable. With effort and faith, you can be more accurate than any clock or metal detector. Just trust yourself.

Whatís even more beautiful about the opportunity offered by these seemingly simple little concepts - trying to guess what time it is, and trying to find lost things - is that they can bring people together and help them to motivate and inspire each other. And then another talent can come into play: being able to let things be someone elseís idea.

Thatís my true gift in this particular column, and the talent that Iím working on in this particular moment. I want to give you this idea of looking for things together and about being in the moment together, and I want it to be your idea now, to go and share with someone else, and then to let it be their idea to share, too.

Itís just like your parents said: Donít just sit there on your behind watching TV all day, get outside and play with the other kids. Youíll never know what talents youíve got until you share them.